Sunday, April 28, 2013

DeadSpace 3 full graphics

Man, it sure looks good, shame I don't like these kinds of games ;-)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mister Owl

I've been shopping around our new App, Mister Owl.

It's a book discovery App for your Mac, but it's not a best seller list or anything. What it does is create quasi-random bookshelves just like you would find in a second hand bookshop based on broad category or more specific sub-categories.

There's even a random button if you're feeling lucky :-)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oblivion Review

Watched this in the Amsterdam ArenA IMAX cinema yesterday (sidenote: Wednesday is the best day to go here.)

First off, if you haven't watched the trailer for this yet and are planning to go see it in the cinema, don't watch that trailer! As with most trailers these days it pretty much spoils the majority of the movie. Also don't think that anybody besides Tom Cruise plays any major role in this. Yes, Morgan Freeman is in it but for only a few minutes total and him being Morgan Freeman is in no way integral to the plot. Could have been anybody. Doesn't matter as Mr. Cruise carries the film just fine and proves that he is indeed the right choice when it comes to these sci-fi movies. Probably because he's the only Hollywood star with a true love for the genre.

If you did see the trailer, the major plot-twist has been spoiled for you already and the sad thing about that is that it detracts from the second major twist that you didn't see coming. Which was obviously designed to be a great one-two punch. This has the effect that for the first half hour you are simply waiting for the plot twist you already know about to occur which will detract from your enjoyment.

Either way, what you have here is a pretty good post apoc sci-fi movie that has all the ingredients that fans of the genre crave. And if you are in any way a fan of the genre you really do need to go see it. 

Speaking of, they showed the Iron Man trailer before this movie. So now I don't have to go see that anymore... If you want a prime example of trailers that spoil their movies, look no further than the Iron Man 3 cinematic trailer.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Defiance - the show (after having played the game) review

I liked it, a lot.

You want more? I think that the show sets out to be exactly what it says on the tin. A hardcore sci-fi show that promises mature intelligent television for the fans that are tired of all the paint by numbers shows lately. A show that handles its budget constraints with flair and makes no excuses for that yeah, most of their "aliens" are biped-sort-of-humans. Which I vastly prefer to the lifeless CG puppets from the likes of Avatar.

And the integration with the game is handled very well this first episode, where as a gamer who played the games tie in missions actually feels like they got some background on the characters and the story that those who just watch the show are missing out on. That crystal that the main characters used to liberate the gizmo that saved the day? I know where they got that, I know why they got it and they still owe me 25k scrip for it.

Only time will tell if the cohesion holds up. But I promptly invested in the rest of the season in iTunes.