Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Defiance - the show (after having played the game) review

I liked it, a lot.

You want more? I think that the show sets out to be exactly what it says on the tin. A hardcore sci-fi show that promises mature intelligent television for the fans that are tired of all the paint by numbers shows lately. A show that handles its budget constraints with flair and makes no excuses for that yeah, most of their "aliens" are biped-sort-of-humans. Which I vastly prefer to the lifeless CG puppets from the likes of Avatar.

And the integration with the game is handled very well this first episode, where as a gamer who played the games tie in missions actually feels like they got some background on the characters and the story that those who just watch the show are missing out on. That crystal that the main characters used to liberate the gizmo that saved the day? I know where they got that, I know why they got it and they still owe me 25k scrip for it.

Only time will tell if the cohesion holds up. But I promptly invested in the rest of the season in iTunes.