Friday, May 29, 2015

Remove lag from Playstation TV remote play streaming

After my original post on Playstation TV / Vita TV remote play streaming performance I got quite a few questions sent in. Pretty much the number one question asked was:

How do I remove the lag from Playstation TV remote play streaming?

(How's that for a SEO sentence eh?)

The answer to that is remarkably simple. The biggest lag is actually caused by the connection between the Playstation TV and the Dual-Shock 4....

Let that sink in for a second.

So to fix this lag, all you have to do is connect the DS4 to the PS TV via a microUSB wire and you're set.

Well, not quite. As Sony is pretty stupid the PS TV doesn't provide enough juice on the USB port to run, charge and rumble the DS4. So when the rumbling starts your PS TV will complain about not being able to meet the energy requirements. Just hold PS button on the DS4 and turn rumble off.